Patrice Evra trolls Liam Gallagher and Man City after Champions League final loss as Manchester United legend posts hilarious video

Patrice Evra posted a hilarious video trolling Liam Gallagher and Man City after they lost in the Champions League final on Saturday.

Evra is a Manchester United legend and took great delight in the fact that City failed to win their first European crown as they lost 1-0 to Chelsea in Portugal.

Evra took great joy in the fact City lost out in the Champions League final

The former defender, who won the Champions League with United in 2008, posted the video of himself wearing a wig and sunglasses mocking Gallagher’s appearance while the hit Oasis song Wonderwall was playing in the background.

“Liam, where are you?!” Evra begun. “You remember when you were laughing at me when United lost? Now it is your turn.

“Don’t be jealous, I just want to share. This is a special Monday for you Liam. Stop saying Manchester is blue, I have more trophies than your entire club! Noel, Noel!”

Liam Gallagher watched his beloved City lose in the Champions League final

The five-time Premier League winner then decides to sing his own version of Wonderwall.

“Sorry for the remix, it is time,” he continued.

“I said maybeeeee… you’re going to win it when I’m nintteeeyyyy.

“And after all… you’re my noisy neighbouuurrrssss.

“I love this game!”

Man City squandered their chance to win their first Champions League title

Evra and Liam had shared a brief exchange over social media last October. The former United star  predicted that City will ‘never’ win the Champions League. 

Liam posted a tweet that read ‘Patrice Evra c’mon you know’, which then prompted the funny reply from the footballer, who did admit to ‘respecting’ his music, and signed off the tweet ‘As you were, PE’.