New footage reveals what Floyd Mayweather admitted about Logan Paul in the corner between rounds

Floyd Mayweather admitted that he was struggling to hit Logan Paul with his jab during their exhibition fight on Sunday night.

The boxing legend went the distance with the YouTuber as the much-hyped event proved a relatively uneventful spectacle in the ring.

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New footage has now emerged from the corners in between rounds, showing some interesting exchanges between the fighters and their trainers.

In the first clip, Logan’s coach encouraged him by saying after round one: “If he can’t get in, he can’t…”

To which Logan responded by finishing the sentence: “…win.”

The trainer added: “You won that round. You won that f***ing round, but you didn’t win the fight.

“We got seven more.”

Floyd admitted in the corner that he was struggling to land his jab on Logan
Sean Michael Ham/Mayweather Promotions

Over in Floyd’s corner, his coach told him: “Hit him at the top of the forehead with a jab, just step off your back foot.”

Astonishingly, Mayweather shook his head and admitted: “It’s hard to hit him with the jab.”

This was seemingly a reference to Logan’s size and reach advantages, which naturally made things more awkward for Floyd.

Ultimately, the punch stats showed that Mayweather was right with his remark.

Ultimately Mayweather landed more consistently and accurately than the YouTuber
Sean Michael Ham/Mayweather Promotions

He landed just seven jabs (of 14 attempted) in the entire eight rounds.

Logan landed the same amount of jabs, but admittedly he attempted 73, significantly more then Floyd.

It was in the power punches where Mayweather found his advantage, landing 36 (of 93 attempted).

Logan landed just 21 (of 144 attempted).