Mark Noble the ‘geezer’, Declan Rice and Michail Antonio are ‘big kids’ – David Moyes reveals all on West Ham stars in hilarious chat with talkSPORT

West Ham would have every right to feel anxious going into the final weekend of the Premier League this season with Europa League qualification at stake.

The Hammers can cap off what’s already been a wonderful season with a point at home to Southampton on Sunday, LIVE on talkSPORT 2, enough to confirm Europa League qualification.

West Ham have been a breath of fresh air and have upset the form book this season

However, defeat will give Tottenham and Everton a chance to sneak into the final Europa League spot.

Moyes is cutting a relaxed figure though and gave a hilarious interview with talkSPORT as he revealed all about his players.

From who he’d want fashion advice from to who he’d most like to be stuck in a lift with for three hours, Moyes gave funny and fascinating insight into what the West Ham stars are like as people.

What a season it’s been for Hammers boss Moyes too

If you were moving house tomorrow, who would you ask for help?

“I’m quite good with that one, I’d ask Mark Noble.

“He’s into property, he thinks he’s a wee bit of a geezer round London and he probably knows all the people to get in touch with, he’d probably know where to get the best deals as well.”

Nobes is West Ham’s resident ‘geezer’, according to Moyes

Who would you ask for fashion advice if you were attending an awards ceremony?

“That’s a tough one, I tell you who I wouldn’t turn to, Stuart Pearce! He’s still wearing his cup final suits on many shows.

“I’d probably go for Angelo Ogbonna. Cool, Italian, smooth, well turned out.”

Need fashion advice? Consult Ogbonna

Who would be a good entertainer at a kids party?

“Declan Rice or Michail Antonio. One of them’s a big kid and the other acts like one!

Which one is the big kid and which one acts like one?
getty – contributor

Who would you most like to be stuck in a lift for three hours with?

“Lukasz Fabianski. Calm, thinking, good conversation.”

Fabianski is a calming presence in the West Ham goal and in a potential crisis it seems

If your car broke down at the training ground, who would be the best person to help you?

“I think they’d all laugh and leave, I don’t think many of them would hang around, they’d all get away quickly!

“Nobes might be able to get someone in to help me.”

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