Manchester United fans who stormed Old Trafford are ‘idiots’ and have ‘lost the moral high ground’ against unpopular Glazers

The Manchester United fans who stormed Old Trafford on Sunday have been accused of sullying the name of the club.

Whether the Red Devils’ clash at home to Liverpool would take place was thrown into huge doubt after hundreds of people managed to find their way onto the pitch at approximately 2:20pm.

A number of fans protested outside Old Trafford to begin with
But some managed to get inside the stadium

Man United’s owners, the Glazer family, have been unpopular among fans since they first bought the club in 2005.

But tensions between fans and the club’s top brass reached boiling point following the club’s attempts to form a breakaway European Super League.

A number of fans broke into club’s training ground last month to voice their outrage and on Sunday some fans managed to enter the club’s home ground, despite barriers attempting to stop them.

Meanwhile, other fans protested outside the hotels the two sides were staying in, which has inevitably led to the kick-off time being delayed. It’s not clear when the match will start or if it will be postponed at this stage.

These latest protests are a clear demonstration of how unhappy Man United fans are at the Glazer family but talkSPORT’s Perry Groves has condemned the actions of the ‘so-called fans’.

Groves added that arrests need to be made and these protests mean the fans can no longer take the moral high ground on the owners.

He said: “These so-called fans going to the hotel, surrounding it and going to the team bus to stop the players coming out… all the players will understand why they’re protesting and will feel what they’re feeling.

“There are people who have joined in on this protest who are not football fans by the way.

Groves has condemned the action of the fans who made their way into the ground
The protests led to the kick-off time being delayed

“It’s planned without a shadow of doubt. Whether it’s a small group and it’s grown and grown as word has got out. One lot will break into the stadium, the other lot going to the hotel.

“I understand that emotions are running high, some of these protestors are not football fans, they’ve just jumped on the bandwagon.

“The protests against the ESL where every fan across the country got together and quite rightly said ‘you’re not doing that to our football’ and you take the moral high ground but when you behave like that you’ve lost your moral high ground completely.

“I’m not a Man United fan but I’m looking at these pictures thinking they’re all idiots, you’re sullying the name of Manchester United, the club you say you love in your heart.

“This will affect the players, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, it will do no good. The only good thing is that this is on CCTV so there will be arrests from the police and they should be arrested and charged.”