Manchester United fans ‘could have killed someone’ says Graeme Souness as he claims protests down to club ‘not being top dogs’ and defends the Glazers

Graeme Souness blasted the ‘idiot’ Manchester United fans who ‘could have killed someone’ during the protests inside Old Trafford yesterday.

A number of angry supporters broke into the stadium on Sunday afternoon as they vented their fury against the club’s owners, the Glazers.


Thousands protested both inside and outside Old Trafford against the Glazer ownership[/caption]

Some fans managed to get inside the stadium and let off flares

The Glazers were one of the architects of the controversial European Super League plans, that quickly collapsed amid a backlash.

Joel Glazer issued a grovelling apology, but an already fractured relationship appears beyond repair.

Supporters protested outside Old Trafford before their scheduled clash with Liverpool yesterday, with some managing to get inside the stadium.

The game was postponed due to safety concerns with protests also happening outside the team hotel that prevented them from travelling to the ground.

Greater Manchester Police released a statement condemning the actions of a minority that threw flares and bottles at officers, that left one with a slash wound across his face.

There were also ugly scenes outside the stadium as the mood turned hostile.

Flares and bottles were also aimed towards the Sky Sports pundits at the ground who were ready for the Man United vs Liverpool game.

A clip posted on Twitter showed a flare being thrown towards the Sky pundits

Sky pundit Graeme Souness said someone ‘could have been killed’ if hit by a projectile. 

He added: “Let’s be honest, someone threw a flare up to this stage today. If it hit one of us, we would be in the hospital and scarred.

“Someone threw a bottle of beer up here. If that hits you the wrong place, you could have been killed!’

“A kid was killed in Cardiff by a flare. I am not criticising Man United supporters en masse, but you cannot underplay that.

“That (flare) could have marked someone for life. We’re sitting here saying it’s right they’re demonstrating but a village idiot could have killed someone here today.”


United fans caused their game with Liverpool to be postponed[/caption]

The former Liverpool hero also then went on to defend the Glazers and believes that the protests from disgruntled fans are ‘misguided’.

“I don’t think it will (have an impact). The Glazers, since Fergie retired, have given successive managers over a billion pound to spend. I think it’s £719million net spend over the eight years,” Souness said.

“I think it’s born out of United not being top dogs as much as what happened last week, I think that’s another excuse to have a go at them. These are serious, serious business people, I don’t think this will impact on their thoughts. I really don’t.

“We live in a country where you can demonstrate, you can vent your feelings, you’re allowed to do it, but I still don’t see it impacting on the Glazers one little bit.

Joel Glazer (left) with brother Avram, was one of the main instigators of the breakaway European Super League plans that caused so much anger

“If you think you can bring serious pressure to serious business people who live 3,000 miles away, across the Atlantic, that it will drive them to accept a discounted offer for Manchester United, that will not happen.

“They’ve had to put collateral in, you don’t just go to the bank and say I want to buy Manchester United, I’ll need £500million or however much it costs to buy, without committing some sort of collateral.

“They’ve risked things to buy Manchester United, since then, they’ve given successive managers fortunes to spend. It’s only since Fergie stopped that the success has stopped and I think that irritates supporters and they have become the focus of their anger. I think it’s slightly misdirected.”

Souness was unhappy with the conduct of some United fans on Sunday
Sky Sports

Gary Neville, however, vehemently disagreed with Souness as he backed United fans’ anger towards the Glazers in the wake of the failed Euro Super League plans.

“This is a consequence of the Manchester United owners’ actions two weeks ago. There is a general distrust and dislike of the owners, but they weren’t protesting two or three weeks ago,” Neville said of the protests.

“My view is quite simply that they’re going to make a fortune if they sell the club and if they were to put it up for sale now I think the time would be right, and it would be the honourable thing to do.

“There’s huge discontent, not just across Manchester United fans, but I think for football fans up and down the country and I think they are just saying enough is enough.

“The Glazer family have been resilient and stubborn for many, many years. I think they are struggling to meet the financial demands that this club needs and have done for some time.

“We haven’t won a league here at Manchester United for eight years. The land around the ground is undeveloped, dormant and derelict while every other club seems to be developing the facilities and the fan experience.

“All football fans should unite today behind what Manchester United fans have done today because what happened two weeks ago was really dangerous for English football.”