Logan Paul mocked for impersonating Muhammad Ali’s rope-a-dope after Floyd Mayweather says he has ‘no strategy’ for their fight

Logan Paul has been mocked by boxing fans after attempting his best Muhammad Ali impersonation for a social media video.

The YouTuber is set to meet Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition fight on Sunday at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

Logan Paul tried to replicate Muhammad Ali
Logan Paul – Instagram
Ali made the clip famous in his exhibition fight with Michael Dokes

Ahead of the bout, Logan is doing part of his training at his home gym in Puerto Rico.

He’s even been sparring in a ring in his garden and posted his latest clip from that very ring.

In the video, the YouTuber puts his hands on the ropes and dodges a barrage of uncoordinated punches from an unknown sparring partner.

It is clearly an attempt to impersonate the great Ali’s famous clip when he, midway through an exhibition, did the iconic ‘Rope a Dope’ against Michael Dokes.

Logan captioned the video: “Two weeks until I beat Floyd Mayweather.”

As you’d expect, he did not get a positive response.

Boxing fans taunted the YouTuber and his sparring partner for the video.

Many stated that the clip was choreographed.

Some even gave him a new nickname – ‘Dope on the Ropes’.

Floyd and Logan will meet on June 6

Mayweather himself has given a new interview, admitting he’s not bringing any game plan into the fight.

When asked what his strategy will be, he told Barstool Sports: “No strategy, I’ve just gotta show up.

“If I want it to go one round, it’ll go one round. If I want it to go two, [it’ll go] two.

“It’s all up to me.”