‘Let’s not forget what this is’, says Jamie Carragher as shocking Old Trafford protest postpones Manchester United vs Liverpool clash

The message over why Manchester United fans were protesting against the club’s ownership should not be lost on account of ‘a few idiots’, says Jamie Carragher.

Man United’s Premier League clash at home to Liverpool on Sunday was postponed following some shock scenes which saw fans storm into Old Trafford, where the match was due to be played.

The Man United fans begun their protests outside Old Trafford
Some fans managed to get inside the stadium as they protested against the club’s top brass

The protests started outside the ground, however, they spilled over as hundreds of fans later made their way in before stepping onto the pitch.

Things then took an even worse turn as fans clashed with police, while a flare was filmed almost hitting where the Sky Sports studio is based.

The protestors who made it into the ground and clashed with police have been widely condemned with talkSPORT’s Perry Groves saying Man United fans have now ‘lost the moral high ground’ on the Glazer family.

But Carragher is hoping the unsavoury scenes in Manchester won’t make people completely forget why there was a protest planned in the first place.

Parts of Old Trafford were damaged
Police also had to deal with violent protests outside the ground
Things got ugly very quickly

He said on Sky Sports: “From when I was a kid going back 40 years and watching football, thinking about how football supporters were treated, I’m going on about my own city and the club I love and how the Heysel and Hillsborough disasters were portrayed.

“Let’s not paint this as a few idiots because someone threw a can or someone threw a flare. I’m almost defending Manchester United fans…

“I know they shouldn’t be on the pitch but let’s not forget what this is. It’s against this football club’s ownership.

“I’m going back to how football fans were treated on the back of a few idiots. Let’s get that right. A lot of Man United fans are here because they’re fuming with how their football club is being run.

Greater Manchester Police have condemned the action of the fans

“Should they storm onto the pitch? Should someone throw a flare? No. But we’re talking about thousands of people here today.

“It’s not just Manchester United fans. We saw Arsenal fans protesting, Chelsea fans trying to stop a game, I’m sure Liverpool fans would do something similar.”