Leeds ‘earn it’ t-shirt and Chelsea protest sign among European Super League artefacts for National Football Museum exhibit

The controversial European Super League plans lasted a mere 48 hours before the majority were forced into an embarrassing climbdown.

The fallout is still ongoing and is likely to carry on for some time following the 12 founder members’ blatant attempt to grab more money and power.

Leeds players protested against the idea before their 1-1 draw with Liverpool last week

They included six Premier League teams; Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Man United and Tottenham. Their own fans were furious with the idea.

It will go down as one of the most memorable few days in recent football history and the National Football Museum of England, based in Manchester, are collecting items to put on display.

One of the pieces already acquired is a t-shirt worn by the Leeds players before they played Liverpool on Monday, April 19.

The Super League furore was in full flow and the players came out wear shirts that read ‘Earn it. Football is for the fans’.

The plans collapsed the following day following the fierce reaction from players and fans alike.

Fans all over the country mobilised as the Super League was brought to a sudden end

The museum will mark the moment and are collecting as much as they can.

Laura Crossley, National Football Museum Head of Content, told talkSPORT: “We certainly are. As a museum, we’re here to record history and what’s going on.

“The European Super League provoked a reaction from fans, players and former players, so as a National Football Museum for England we’re keen to collect fan objects and artefacts.

“We’ve been lucky to get one of the Leeds t-shirts, we contacted the club the day after and they kindly sent us a t-shirt.

Large numbers of fans protested against their clubs for their part in the failed European Super League

“After doing an appeal on social media, we have a great placard from the Chelsea vs Brighton game, actually by a Norwich fan who went to the protest, that says ‘football belongs to us and not you’.

“If anyone has other objects, like placards, that shows reaction from fans and players then please get in touch.”