Just when you thought you’d seen every FIFA glitch possible, here’s the latest, hilarious quirk – a goalkeeper who twerks… watch if you dare!

EA SPORTS have patched some weird and wonderful glitches for FIFA 22 and previous games, but this might be the craziest. Goalkeepers have started twerking. 

Who knew that Miley Cyrus was such an influence on the FIFA 22 designers?

A FIFA 22 glitch means this goalkeeper is twerking

Nine years on from her infamous display at the VMAs, the explicit dance has found it’s way on the No 1 football game.

But how has this happened?

Before loading into a match on Career Mode, Kick-Off, and other modes, you’re given the chance to do some training before the whistle blows.

This is a great opportunity to practice some shooting, passing, tackling, or even testing your goalkeeper.

However, now it seems as if some goalies have started to warm up for the game, by twerking. 

This definitely was not intentional and not based on a previous bum-related celebration.

Miley Cyrus’s performance in 2013 went viral

On November 15, one player posted a really strange clip to the FIFA subreddit, showing their goalkeeper with the ball in their hand.

After making a save, they start to perform the world’s most famous – and suggestive – dance moves. And The FIFA 22 twerk celebration was born! 

Watch the (not so) magic moment in our video above.