Josh Taylor and Jose Ramirez separated by security as backstage fight breaks out at weigh-in, Scot promises to ‘smash rival’s face in’ after ‘getting in his head’

Tensions between Josh Taylor and Jose Ramirez boiled over in a mass brawl after the weigh-in for their huge unification fight tonight.

Taylor, the ‘Tartan Tornado’, is hoping to take the WBC and WBO belts away from Californian Ramirez on Saturday night in Las Vegas and become the first Scot to hold all four belts simultaneously.

The build-up to the fight has been fiery

Although there is undoubted respect between the two undefeated fighters, Taylor is fired up for the contest and pulls no punches on fight week.

Rick Mirigian, who manages Ramirez, found this out first hand when Taylor confronted him at the first press conference on Thursday evening over comments made on Twitter.

And now, footage has emerged of the Scotsman sparking chaos by shoving Ramirez backstage at their weigh-in on Friday.

The weigh-in itself was pretty tense as both fighters made the 139.6lbs mark.

Tensions threatened to boil over at the weigh-in itself

Ben Davison, Taylor’s trainer, stepped in to separate the two fighters as they got up close and personal, before they appeared to go their separate ways.

However, in a video posted by promoter Top Rank, the hostilities were far from over.

Taylor approaches Ramirez in a corridor and shoves him, before all hell breaks loose.

Onlookers start screaming as security quickly steps in to stop a full-on scrap, before Taylor’s team bundle him into a lift.

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Top Rank

Speaking afterwards, Taylor appeared to reveal the whole thing was just mind games designed to wind up his opponent.

“Listen, I’ve got in his head, I know I am in his head,” Taylor said. “He seems a little fired up which is good, we haven’t seen that before. I am going to smash his face in tomorrow.”