Jon Jones has measured response to Dana White’s decision to give Francis Ngannou fight to Derrick Lewis

Jon Jones’ move to heavyweight was meant to be big business for the UFC.

Bones, after over a decade of dominating the light-heavyweight division, finally decided to move up to heavyweight in 2020 and vacated his 205lbs title to do so.

‘Bones’ is looking huge as he prepares to launch an assault on the heavyweight division
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UFC president Dana White had said that Jones would be next in line for the heavyweight title after Francis Ngannou.

The Predator ended up emphatically defeating Stipe Miocic for the title at UFC 260 and excitement immediately began to build to Jones versus Ngannou.

However, White and Jones are miles apart in negotiations and now UFC’s head honcho says Derrick Lewis, a man who has beaten Ngannou before, is next.

“Derrick Lewis is next in line,” White told the media after UFC 262. “He’s the guy that deserves the shot at the heavyweight championship and yeah, we will get that fight done. We’re not talking about it yet because it’s probably not going to be until mid or late August.”

Only Derrick Lewis and Stipe Miocic have defeated Francis Nagannou in the UFC

Will Jones fight Miocic for the next shot in the interim? Apparently not.

“Jon has made it very clear he’s not going to fight Stipe,” White explained. “So, yeah [Stipe Miocic would fight the winner of Ngannou vs Lewis].”

Jones responded to White’s announcement on Monday and he seems very content biding his time.

“I’m really not sure when I’ll be fighting next, but some downtime after a decade of wins is a nice little change up right now,” Jones wrote on Twitter.

“Honestly I’m a blessed individual. My whole story is in God’s hands, I believe there’s huge things in my future. 

“Things don’t always happen when we want them to. Sometimes I feel like my life is one big bonus, never imagine I would be in this position in life. I’m grateful even when things don’t go my way.”

Jones is 34 in July. He is holding out for potentially the biggest listed payday in UFC history, but White doesn’t see it like that.

Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou is THE fight to make

While there is no doubt Jones and Ngannou would be huge business and they’d probably do well over one million pay-per-view buys, Jones is said to be asking for something around $10 million just to take the fight.

The highest UFC have ever shelled out to a fighter on record is the $3 million Conor McGregor was paid to face Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229.

Of course, fighters end up earning way more than those disclosed sums all things told via sponsorships, undisclosed bonuses etc.

For instance, McGregor claims he made $80 million from fighting Donald Cerrone.

Will Jones get his major payday?