John Fury says Jake Paul won’t sign up to voluntary drug testing for Tommy Fury fight, and a Fury would ‘rather be put to death’ than lose

John Fury admits it ‘bothered me a little bit’ to learn Jake Paul has not signed up for voluntary drug testing before his fight with Tommy Fury.

The American will put his undefeated record and his reputation on the line against his fellow novice boxer on December 18 in Tampa, Florida.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury is set for December 18

A rivalry which started in the spring of this year, both Fury and Paul have taunted and teased one another relentlessly but will let their fists finally do the talking.

There are still plenty of caveats to the fight itself though, with Fury set to receive an extra $500,000 (£372,370) if he wins, but be forced to legally change his name to ‘Tommy Fumbles’ if he loses.

Yet there are other intriguing stipulations littered throughout the contract and John Fury (father and trainer to Tommy) was left perturbed after learning Paul would not be signing up to Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) testing.

“All kinds of stuff in the contract,” Fury told YouTube star Rob Moore. “You’ve got to do this and you’ve got to do that.

Fury Sr will not be in the corner for Fury’s fight with Paul

“I could go into it more and more but I don’t want to bore people with the politics.

“They wouldn’t sign up to the VADA testing as well. That bothered me a little bit because I wanted that in the contract, but they wouldn’t do that.

“I’m not even bothered about that, because of what they’re going to do, they’re going to do anyway. We just want the fight because we know we can win it.

“People think that Tommy’s getting paid to lose, they’re joking. A Fury would rather be put to death than go down that road.”