‘Jealousy’ – Tyson Fury blasts critics of YouTube boxing, while Anthony Joshua praises Jake Paul for ‘throwing himself in the deep end’

Boxing’s current heavyweight champions Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua have both spoken out in defence of Jake Paul and YouTube boxing.

The 4-0 American beat Tyron Woodley on points at the end of last month and now could be headed in the direction of a fight with Tyson’s younger brother Tommy Fury.

Jake beat the former UFC champion by split decision
Amanda Westcott/Showtime

Reacting to the event, Joshua told iFL TV: “Great for boxing, good luck to him.

“He’s trying, zero amateur experience, throwing himself in the deep end.

“I guarantee he’ll probably learn a lot more than a lot of fighters will.

“Man is throwing himself in the deep end, putting himself under pressure.

“When you can deal with that amount of pressure, you have to get better at it.”

“So yeah, good luck to him.”

AJ has no issue with YouTube boxing and praised Jake Paul directly
Anthony Joshua – Twitter

Fury added in a separate interview with iFL TV: “A lot of people say all this YouTube stuff’s crap and they don’t wanna see all these people in boxing.

“But I’m the heavyweight champion, I’m the best fighter that’s ever lived and I like to see these YouTubers fight.

“I like to see it because it brings millions more eyes to my sport which I’m the master at.

“General people who’d never watch boxing would watch boxing because of the YouTube guys, Love Islanders, TikTokers and all that.

Tyson Fury is also in favour of YouTube boxing

“The more eyes to boxing, the better. It makes it better for the young fighters coming through.

“If there’s millions of people watching TikTokers and stuff, then they might tune in again to watch some real boxing later on in life.

“It’s all good, it’s all PR for our sport.

“Anyone who don’t like it is just jealous because they ain’t making the money and they’re not getting the views.

“That’s what it’s about – jealousy.”

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