Jake Paul continues trolling of Floyd Mayweather by crashing online speech and insulting him – ‘my brother’s gonna beat your ass’

Jake Paul’s campaign to mess with Floyd Mayweather took its latest step on Wednesday night.

The 50-0 boxing legend is set to face Jake’s brother Logan Paul in an exhibition fight on June 6 in Miami.

Floyd and Logan will meet on June 6

As a result, the 3-0 (3 KOs) YouTuber-turned-boxer crashed their press conference in early May and caused havoc.

Jake stole his Mayweather’s and proudly shouted, ‘got your hat,’ sparking a brawl which left the 44-year-old furious.

There is now clear bad blood between Floyd and the Paul family, but Jake seemingly doesn’t intend to leave well enough alone.

Instead, on Wednesday night, he proudly announced on social media that he’d just trolled Mayweather again by crashing his online speech.

A brawl broke out at their press conference in early May

The boxing legend was hosting an audio chat through the social media app Clubhouse and took the online ‘stage’.

However, he was then confused – as was everybody else in the chat – as Jake made his way into the conversation and seized the online ‘stage’.

The YouTuber narrated the video: “So Floyd is doing like a little interview right now on stage on this app called Clubhouse.

“I’mma sneak on stage and say, ‘got your stage,’ let’s see how this goes.”

Mayweather is not happy with the Paul brothers’ antics
Sports Illustrated – Getty

He did exactly that, interrupting Mayweather’s speech to tell him: “Hey Floyd, hey Floyd, hey Floyd, got your stage, got your stage.”

Mayweather responded: “Okay, it’s cool.”

To which Jake added: “Hey, get off the Clubhouse, my brother’s gonna beat your ass.”

Floyd remained calm and said again: “Okay, that’s cool, anyway so like I was saying…”

At this point the moderators ended Jake’s stunt by moving him back to the audience section of the app, so he could no longer talk.