Jake Paul angers boxing fans with Canelo Alvarez comparison tweet ahead of his fourth fight against Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul has caused fresh controversy among the boxing community with his latest tweet about Canelo Alvarez.

The 3-0 YouTuber-turned-boxer is set for his fourth pro fight against Tyron Woodley on August 29.

Jake is 3-0 (3 KOs) as a pro boxer

However, he claims to have far bigger ambitions for the not-too-distant-future.

Jake has said he believes he will be able to face the sport’s current pound-for-pound king Canelo within the next three years.

And his latest tweet comparing himself to the Mexican hasn’t gone down too well with fans.

Jake posted: “Canelo Alvarez’s opponent in his 10th fight was 0-0, and whom after defeat, never fought again.

“In my 4th fight I’m taking on a pound-for-pound decorated fighter who has won on the biggest stages and is considered one of the top welterweights ever.”

Canelo has previously expressed his distaste for the Paul brothers
Ed Mulholland/Matchroom
Jake Paul is a self-proclaimed “troll” and clearly enjoys winding people up

Jake of course failed to mention the minor detail that his opponent is also 0-0 in boxing, and is only a top welterweight in MMA.

He also neglected to bring up the fact that Canelo turned professional at age 15 and so was a child for the majority of his early learning fights.

These deliberate exclusions prompted a series of angry replies.

One said: “Canelo was also 16….”

And another added: “Canelo fought people who trained for boxing. You don’t.”

While a third put: “Yeah, but you will never be on Canelo’s level so what’s your point?”

The replies to Jake’s tweet were not exactly positive

In his previous comments about Canelo, Jake told reporters: “If Billy Joe Saunders, who fights like a wild chicken, can get a payday vs Canelo and last that many rounds.

“Or Avni Yildirim, the ‘Turkish Warrior’ can go in there and last three rounds. Yildirim didn’t throw a single f***ing punch.

“I’m a much better fighter than both of those boxers.

“I’m bigger, faster, stronger, more athletic.

“So if those guys can go in there and hang in there with Canelo, can Jake Paul in three years go 12 rounds and beat him? We’ll see.

“Don’t put it past [me].”