Jack Shore talks being influenced by Jon Jones, Georges St-Pierre and Frankie Edgar as he maps route to old Conor McGregor rival Jose Aldo and UFC bantamweight glory

Jack Shore is one of the fastest rising stars UFC currently have hailing from the UK.

The Welsh fighter has now gone 4-0 in UFC and is 15-0 overall. UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping has hailed the similarities to the legendary Georges St-Pierre and Shore seems destined for the top end of UFC.

Shore is one of the best UK fighters in UFC today

Following his unanimous decision victory over Liudvik Sholinian last weekend, Shore seems primed to compete for a spot in the rankings. In a division that features old Conor McGregor foe Jose Aldo and names like Dominick Cruz, Frankie Edgar and Petr Yan, who is the 26 year old targeting?

“The two that stand out to me at the minute are Cody Stamann and Rafael Assuncao,” Shore told talkSPORT. “Particularly Assuncao because I think he’s 11 or 12 in the rankings, he’s had 40-plus fights and he’s been in there with some of the best. 

“Like Cody Garbrant, I’m pretty sure he’s been in there with [TJ] Dillashaw and stuff like that. He’s one of the… I don’t want to call him a gatekeeper, but he’s one of the elite of the elite. Maybe he’s not going to be champion now, but he’s still in the mix and capable of beating the up and comers and guys who are trying to burst through. 

“So to go in there and fight someone like him and make a statement, I think that would give me the push towards the top guys. Then I can look at the Dominick Cruzs, the Jose Aldos and Frankie Edgars. 

Shore domianted Sholinian in Las Vegas

“But, being realistic, I’m not ranked at the minute so I’m not going to be one of those guys who’s calling for the top five or top three. But someone like Assuncao or Stamann, or Song [Yadong] would be ideal. 

“Once I know where I am with this injury and my recovery, it would be great to get the ball rolling with one of them.”

Bisping’s GSP comparison has drawn a lot of attention to Shore, so was Rush a fighter he studied?

“There were so many,” Shore added. “GSP. Frankie Edgar was another one I used to enjoy watching. Just because his boxing used to mix so well with his wrestling. As an up and comer, I came from amateur boxing to come back to MMA, so I used to try and steal little things from Frankie after watching his fights. 

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St-Pierre is regarded as one of the all-time greats

“People like Jon Jones. I know our styles are very different, but just guys like that, some of the top legends in the game. I’ve always been a fan and a student of it to be honest. I don’t miss a fight, even these days; it can be an APEX card of a pay-per-view, I’ll still watch it from top to bottom. 

“I wouldn’t say I try to mould my style after any of them, but I watch all the top guys and there’s certain things I watch them do and try to pick up on them. 

“Even modern day; people like Leon Edwards, Darren Till, Nate Diaz, Israel Adesanya – just people like that. 

“Obviously they’re superstars in the game but they’ve got the technical abilities as well. If you can study them and find one or two things to incorporate into your own game then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. 

Jack Shore is 15-0

“You’re never going to learn everything in this game – I learned that a very long time ago [laughs]. Especially doing ju-jitsu, you think you’ve got it cracked and then a new system comes out and you’re clueless.

“I’m constantly watching and constantly studying and just being a fan, which I think helps picking up those new techniques and maybe even sharpening the old ones.”

Shore has operated at featherweight in the past. The 135lb division features fellow-Brit Arnold Allen, Max Holloway and champion Alexander Volkanovski, so could Shore see himself moving up down the line?

“At the minute, I make bantamweight comfortably. When I was a featherweight, I wouldn’t say I was undersized, but I knew I was knocking on up the ranks and there was going to be bigger guys. 

Shore is a proud Welshman

“But I think we will see me at featherweight before I call it a day. At the minute I’m focusing on the bantamweight division and making my mark there. I’m doing everything I can outside of training camp to continuously make that weight cut easier. 

“But I’m definitely open to featherweight if the right opportunity comes like a short-notice fight or a big name needs someone to step in – I’m not a small guy for bantamweight, I size up to some of these featherweights at the shows and think maybe I should be in that weight class [laughs]. I don’t seem that much smaller. 

“Maybe in a few years when the weight cut isn’t so appealing and I’m peaking into my 30s, I may test the waters at featherweight. But it’s bantamweight for now unless the right opportunity presents itself.”