Israel Adesanya reaction to Chris Weidman’s leg break at UFC 261 sums up just how horrifying it was

Not many people could watch what happened to Chris Weidman at UFC 261 and not bat an eyelid.

It turns out UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya is no different when it comes to broken bones.

Israel Adesanysa couldn’t believe what he was watching

Weidman, 36, suffered a broken leg just 17 seconds into his fight with Uriah Hall. His attempted kick was the very first strike thrown of the contest.

It was a terrible scene as Weidman went to plant his broken leg back down and quickly realised the damage that was done. He crumbled backwards and the referee called the fight off immediately.

It was tough to watch. A video of Adesanya watching the leg break for the first time has shown he found it tough to take, too.

Like all of us, The Last Stylebender did not enjoy seeing his peer suffer like that. Weidman was stretchered out of the octagon in Jacksonville, Florida and sent directly to hospital.

The All-American underwent surgery the next day which is said to have been a success.

Weidman was opposite the legendary Anderson Silva in the octagon seven years ago when Spider suffered his own leg break in almost identical circumstances.

The Brazilian said he found Weidman’s leg break ‘really upsetting’ and explained how it made him sad to see.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t watch MMA fights anymore,” SIlva said in an interview with AG Fights.

“I only heard about it because my sons were watching with some friends. They were like ‘Dad, did you see what happened?’.

As soon as Weidman landed the kick, his leg folded

“Then a bunch of people started calling me. I was watching something else. When they sent me a video, I was like ‘Damn, man.’ It’s a movie played in my head. It was really, really bad. I felt really sad, really upset. There are no words. I was just sad. I was down.

“It felt like it happened to me again,” Silva continued. “Really bad. Only a person who has gone through that knows what it is like, and they wouldn’t wish it on anybody. I was really upset.”

Silva did fight again, though many believe he was never the same after that injury.

Anderson Silva moments after his shocking leg break

Either way, Silva does believe Weidman will compete in UFC once again.

“Of course everyone has their personality, but I believe he’ll overcome this,” he added.

“His mind is very strong. He has the mind of a champion. He knows how to handle adversities and I’m sure he’ll get through this.

“Soon enough well see him fighting again.”