‘I’ll break his other leg’ – Furious Dustin Poirier attacks ‘disgusting’ Conor McGregor and calls him a cheat after UFC 264

Dustin Poirier threated to break Conor McGregor’s other leg as he accused The Notorious of cheating on Saturday night at UFC 264.

Poirier proved the victor in their second fight at UFC 257 on Fight Island was no fluke as he dominated McGregor on the deck after withstanding an early barrage.

Poirier has threatened to break McGregor’s other leg after his insults post-UFC 264

Although fractures to the fibula and tibia of ‘The Notorious’ forced the doctor to step in an end the fight, Poirier was in the ascendancy and could well have finished the fight in the first round.

The scores between the two men technically stand at 2-1 with McGregor holding a knockout win from 2014 against ‘The Diamond’, yet the narrative surrounding the finish of this fight means there could well be a fourth.

During the exchanges on the mat, Poirier has accused McGregor of holding onto his glove and trying to force him into up kicks from the bottom – explaining why he stood up and seemingly let the Irishman off the hook.

“No I would have loved to stay on top of him in cruise control and throwing elbows,” he told BT Sport. “But he had three fingers inside my glove and he is pulling me into up kicks.

This is the moment Poirier is referring to, when McGregor latched onto his glove

“It’s cheating; doing what Conor would do.”

Although the two men were cordial towards one another when they fought in January, the atmosphere darkened considerably when Poirier accused McGregor of ignoring him after promising to pledge to his charity.

While the 32-year-old later apologised for his over-eagerness, it sparked a bitter feud between the two men which McGregor even dragging Jolie Poirier into the cross hairs.

And while the former interim champion had no qualms about the trash talking, he resented the fact McGregor threatened to kill him.

The Notorious left the T-Mobile Arena on a stretcher after fracturing his tibia and fibula

He added: “No, that didn’t bother me; the death talk is what bothered me, all that other stuff…I know that is not true.”

“He was sitting there, on the mat, with a broken leg, doing this [mimics gun gesture to his head] telling me he is going to kill me still.

“Like, what are you doing bro? That’s disgusting man; I’ll break his other leg.”