Harry Kane told to ‘grow up’ for ‘schoolboy’ approach to Tottenham transfer exit and warned he has ‘no right’ to skip training

Danny Mills has criticised Harry Kane and his agent for the way they have handled the striker’s proposed exit from Tottenham Hotspur.

The England captain has failed to report to training for the past two days in a row, despite being expected back at Hotspur Way on Monday morning after his Euro 2020 heroics.

Harry Kane’s future remains unresolved at Tottenham

He was again absent 24 hours later, but is said to be planning on returning later in the week.

Spurs are choosing not to comment, but are understood to be aware of the star striker’s plans and remain unimpressed by their player’s actions and could consider issuing a heavy fine.

Kane believes the action was necessary to try and force a move to Manchester City, who are keen to sign him.

With three years left on his deal, Daniel Levy is in no rush to sell the 27-year-old and Mills believes the suggestion of a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ was never going to be enough to sanction a move.

Levy is reluctant to let Kane join Man City at any price and won’t be bullied into a deal

“If you’re a good agent, you put in a buyout clause,” Mills said on Kick Off. “You put in, if in two or three years’ time, if someone comes in with £100million, you can go.

“Or, if someone comes in with £150m, you can go. You have to think about these things as an agent, that is your job!

“It’s like schoolboy stuff! ‘You promised me this and Daniel Levy said this’. Come on, grow up.

“You’re talking about multi-billion pound businesses going, ‘You know down the pub when we had a couple of pints and you said I could leave?’

“Come on, that is not how you do contracts.”

Berbatov forced through a move to Manchester United in the summer of 2008

Kane’s decision to skip training mirrors situations with Dimitar Berbatov, Luka Modric and Gareth Bale – all of whom were allowed to leave north London.

Although Levy left the deals until later in the window, he managed to extract every last penny for the deal thanks to his ruthless negotiating skills.

With Spurs reluctant to sell to a Premier League rival, and certainly not for any less than £150million, Mills is unhappy with Kane’s refusal to train.

“Yeah, because that is your job,” he added. “If the manager tells you turn up at seven o’clock in the morning, you turn up at seven o’clock in the morning.

Nuno is building a new dynasty at Spurs, but will it include Harry Kane?

“If not, you can get fined. If the manager says turn up at nine o’clock at night for a training session, you turn up at nine o’clock.

“If he says turn up for a training session in the car park with the kids, you turn up in the car park. That’s what you sign; it’s your choice to sign it!


“You don’t have to be a professional footballer, life is about choices. He chose to sign a six-year contract for £200,000-a-week.

“If he had been awful after that second season and never scored another goal and wasn’t in the team, they have still got to pay him!”