Harry Kane may ‘regret’ the way he handled attempts to join Man City but ‘shouldn’t be lambasted’ by Tottenham fans, says Simon Jordan

After what seemed like the longest saga ever in the summer transfer window, Harry Kane was unable to secure his transfer to Manchester City.

Kane was subjected to several bids from the Premier League champions, however, Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy did not budge and now his most prized asset will be lining up for the Lilywhites this season.

Kane has put the transfer behind him and is back to doing what he’s best at, scoring goals

Despite things failing to materialise, Kane should not be ‘viewed differently’ by his supporters, says Simon Jordan.

“I think he has the right to want to leave a club, but it has to be on the terms that work for all parties,” Jordan told talkSPORT.

“Now I think there’s some regrets that he’ll have. This so called ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ is laughable.

“You’re in the world of finance and business, you know what these contracts are worth to you, you know how much you get for them and you know how the football industry works.

Kane is hoping to move forward with Spurs now this season following his failed move to Man City

“I don’t think its fair that he should be in any shape or form lambasted or vilified by Tottenham fans.

“He is actually, like everybody else that does a job for somebody else, able to move to a different career path in a different space and has he ever cheated Tottenham on the pitch? No, he has never cheated Tottenham on the pitch.

“He’s always been a model pro that went back and learnt his trade playing at Norwich and Leyton Orient and other football clubs, did all the things that a lot of these players won’t do and has become the pro that he has.

“Now the situation has been handled badly and he might have to take some ownership over that.”

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