Gruesome pictures show Conor McGregor’s broken ankle at UFC 264 as Dana White confirms emergency surgery after Dustin Poirier loss

Dana White revealed Conor McGregor will undergo emergency surgery as he suffered a nasty broken ankle during his trilogy bout with Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 in Las Vegas.

The Irishman started aggressively by targeting Poirier with leg kicks, but the American quickly capitalised after claiming to hear McGregor’s leg crack during one exchange.

McGregor’s ankle buckled under him at the end of the first round against Poirier
McGregor’s ankle was left a mess and he will now undergo surgery
Conor McGregor suffered a potential fractured leg against Dustin Poirier and will have surgery immediately

Poirier took his opponent to the ground after surviving a guillotine attack, where he dominated before the fighters returned to their feet.

Both swung and missed and McGregor stepped back before his leg collapsed beneath him, sparking speculation he may have suffered a bone fracture.

McGregor somehow survived until the end of the round when the bout was stopped.

It was a dramatic conclusion to the bout which followed their January rematch, with Poirier calling his opponent a ‘dirtbag’ after the fight.

McGregor carried on attacking Poirier even after the fight was over

While ‘The Diamond’ has definitely earned himself a shot at lightweight champion Charles Oliveira, the future of 32-year-old McGregor remains to be seen.

For right now, the former two-weight world champion will be in the operating theatre first thing tomorrow morning as he continues to recover from the sickening injury.

“A second leg break in his last three fights,” White said at the post-fight press conference. “It’s brutal and not the way you want to see fights end.

McGregor was then carried out of the octagon

“Dustin Poirier will fight for the title and when Conor is healed and ready to go he will do the rematch I guess.

“He goes into surgery in the morning.

“The fight didn’t get finished. You can’t have a fight end that way. We’ll see how it plays out.

“Poirier will do his thing until Conor is ready.”