Goldberg wants to face Big E during his WWE run

The last few years of Goldberg’s return to WWE haven’t produced many classic matches.

For all the good things Goldberg brings to the table that in many ways only he can, memories of his disastrous showing against The Undertaker and the almost universally hated decision to put him over The Fiend linger strongly.

Goldberg has a nice part-time deal with WWE

The former WCW icon has a deal with WWE where he competes two times a year and he has already used one of those dates when he faced Drew McIntyre at the Royal Rumble.

WWE could well return to touring in the second half of 2021. They told investors on Thursday that’s what they expect domestically, but if the UK, Saudi Arabia are open and travel restrictions are lifted, there’s no reason why they can’t tour too.

Goldberg, 54, is always likely to appear at the money-spinning Saudi events and when he does return to WWE, Big E is someone at the top of his list.

The New Day man has made no secret of his young fandom of Goldberg and that would be a dream match of his.

Big E won the Intercontinental title on the Xmas edition of SmackDown

Speaking to The Bump, Goldberg seems interested, too.

“Big E could bring stuff out of me that I’d want to do just to make Big E proud of me, right?

“So the story goes with Big E and I, that the only match I was ever late for, or I ever missed in WCW, was a match that I called in and told them I couldn’t catch the plane because I was at a signing and I had to stay until everyone was taken care of.

“Big E was one of the kids I stayed for, OK? So, I will never forget his face, I’ll never forget that day.

“And the fact that I made a positive impression on somebody like that, that’s been so successful at what they do, it’s an honor and a privilege for me. 

Big E and Goldberg have a lot of mutual respect

“So, getting in the ring with him would be a different situation but it’d be really cool in its own way.”

The built-in story in addition to the fact they are two very big men certainly makes for an intriguing prospect. Could Goldberg help Big E get up to that world level?