Gary Neville calls for ‘power to be taken away’ from Joel Glazer and owners of other ‘big six’ clubs as Manchester United legend reacts to fans storming Old Trafford

Gary Neville delivered an impassioned speech against Manchester United owner Joel Glazer as he reacted to news of fans storming Old Trafford on Sunday.

Their actions saw Man United’s clash at home to Liverpool postponed as hundreds of fans broke into the ground and made their way onto the pitch.

The Man United fans begun their protests outside Old Trafford
But some managed to get inside the stadium

Tensions between supporters and the club’s top brass have been simmering ever since Malcolm Glazer took control in 2005.

But they’ve since reached boiling point when current owner Joel Glazer, along with the owners of the Premier League’s other ‘big six’ clubs, attempted to form a breakaway European Super League.

The controversial project fell flat on its face after two days but resentment between fans and the decision-makers at Old Trafford still linger.

A number of fans stormed the club’s training ground last month but these protests have been even more shocking.

Neville condemned Glazer further as he reacted to the shocking news of the protest spilling over
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What’s next? Well, club legend Neville wants to see power taken away from the likes of the Glazers, insisting the Americans ‘never had the trust’ of Man United fans.

“Whether the Glazer family have been good or bad, what they did two weeks ago is not acceptable and an apology is not good enough,” Neville said on Sky Sports.

“Joel Glazer saying he wants to rebuild the trust with the football fans of this club, he never had the trust, he’s never communicated with them, he’s never spoken to them. He’s never said a word.

“Today we can be angry, the game may not go ahead, the fans are angry, they’ve protested peacefully and we have to accept that you’re allowed to protest in this country, it’s every person’s right.

“But tomorrow it’s about reform and regulation because there are six or seven people in English football who have it under their control and that control has to be taken away from them.”