Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher in Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi debate as Manchester United forward labelled as greatest ever for goal record and Champions League wins, but PSG star produces magic like we’ve never seen

Things became heated in the Sky Sports studios when Gary Neville said Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest footballer to have ever lived.

Ronaldo had a brilliant second debut for Manchester United as his two goals helped them to a 4-1 win over Newcastle.

Of course Ronaldo had an impact on the match. It was just meant to be

The Portuguese’s Old Trafford exploits sparked yet another discussion about who is the greatest ever – Ronaldo or his rival, Lionel Messi.

On Ronaldo, Neville said on Monday Night Football: “I just feel with the international goals records, the Champions Leagues and the variety of goals that he’s scored, it takes me to think that he is the greatest football player of all time.”

Jamie Carragher was having none of it though, responding: “No one is not a huge fan of Ronaldo or Messi. Ronaldo is not the greatest player of all time.

“It doesn’t matter how a ball goes in the net… Messi’s got a better goal record than Ronaldo. He’s also a playmaker, Messi can run a game – Ronaldo can’t.”

Neville backed his former teammate while Carragher is Team Messi
The new PSG man does things which beggars belief, says Carragher

Carragher referenced the start of Neville’s argument that Ronaldo is the player he’d love to substitute onto a pitch the most as a manager, saying Messi has scored more goals coming off the bench.

The former Liverpool man added: “Ronaldo can maybe do things that Messi can’t but Messi takes you to a place where you can’t actually believe what you’re seeing.

“Ronaldo does things other players can do… Messi does things we’ve never seen before.”

It’s fair to say the debate ended with Neville and Carragher agreeing to disagree, the ex-Man United man claiming debating with his counterpart is ‘like arguing with a five-year-old.’

But there’s no doubting there’s a feelgood factor at Man United with Ronaldo back.

Fans will be dreaming he will be the one to guide them to a first Premier League title in eight years but Neville isn’t convinced it’ll happen this term – despite viewing him as the greatest ever player.

Neville added: “He does make the team better… he makes them more likely to win the title than three weeks ago.

“Something inside me tells me that I don’t think he’ll quite make them the team that will make them win the title this season.”

As a winner, Ronaldo will be aiming for the top prizes at Man United

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