Furious Deontay Wilder says Tyson Fury should ‘burn in hell’ as he accuses ‘Gypsy King’ of lying about COVID to postpone trilogy fight

Deontay Wilder has said that Tyson Fury deserves to ‘burn in hell’ as he believes he lied about having COVID to delay their trilogy.

The furious former WBC heavyweight champion despises the man who beat him last February for a variety of reasons.

Wilder was not happy with the news of the delay
Ryan Hafey/PBC

First, Wilder remarkably accused Fury of cheating in their rematch.

Then, he successfully won an arbitration case when the ‘Gypsy King’ attempted to walk away from their contracted third bout and face Anthony Joshua instead.

Now, with the COVID delay putting them back a further two-and-a-half months from July 24 to October 9, Wilder has let rip.

“I’m just tired of the lies. That’s all it is, lies,” he told 78SPORTSTV.

Fury floored Wilder twice and stopped him in round seven of their Las Vegas rematch

“That’s what I believe. And a lot of other people do too – the whole world believes it’s nothing but lies.

“And it really sickens me to hear that because so many people have died of COVID.

“People I know have had family members to die of it.

“To hear others using this as an excuse to get out of something is just horrible man.

“May they burn in hell for that. Especially for something like this.

The former heavyweight world champion is out for revenge
Ryan Hafey/PBC

“Because the dude said he had COVID, then the next minute you see him in so many different places. It’s just ridiculous.

“He’s been trying to run away from me since July of last year. He’s paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to try to avoid me.

“They came up with so many excuses to try to avoid me. They contradict themselves so many different times and it’s just ridiculous at this point.

“You need to put up or shut up.”

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