Eddie Hall trains with Wolf as he reveals near 40kg transformation on road to recovery after Hafthor Bjornsson fight was postponed to 2022

Eddie Hall is putting in the hard yards to recover from the nasty injury suffered last month.

The Beast had to postpone his highly anticipated fight with Hafthor Bjornsson after suffering a detached bicep.

Hall is stepping up his recovery after a nasty injury
Instagram @eddiehallwsm

He required surgery on the injury, a procedure he was awake for and narrated on his YouTube channel.

The former World’s Strongest Man quickly got back to training to recover from the injury and keep himself in shape as he looks to battle Thor in March next year.

In his latest post on Instagram, Hall posted a picture of himself out running with Wolf, the protection dog he recently purchased.

He listed his current weight as 157kg, a dramatic loss from his peak of 196kg when he won the World’s Strongest Man in 2017.

Hall captioned the picture: “BEAST X WOLF.”

Hall has undergone quite the body transformation

His nemesis Thor, who played The Mountain in Game of Thrones, has plenty of experience when it comes to dealing with hounds.

Speaking about his road to recovery, Hall said: “It is three weeks since I had my bicep reattached. We’ve been training, doing lots of walking, lots of running, weights, mainly for the legs, and lots of swimming.

“I’ve been doing some one armed boxing and I’m at that point now where my arm is just about ready to do some good motions.

“We are going to start pushing things a little bit now. I can’t really push this very hard until after the six week mark. It takes six weeks for the tendon to attach fully to the bone.

“We will be somewhat careful with it.”