Eddie Hall punches Peter Andre as hard as he could and leaves Mysterious Girl singer in heap in YouTube video

Eddie Hall left Peter Andre in a heap on the floor when he punched the musician as hard as he could.

The Beast has filmed YouTube videos with a number of celebrities and sports stars, often testing to see how much power they can take from his devastating right hand.

Andre had a look of panic on his face

The former World’s Strongest Man even managed to lift former Olympic gymnast Nile Wilson off the floor in one clip posted earlier this year.

The Mysterious Girl singer was the latest person to bravely step into the ring.

Hall worked his way up from low power, up to near enough as hard as he can hit.

Hall hit the singer as hard as he could in the YouTube clip
YT: Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall
Andre was wearing protection around his torso but it still hurt
YT: Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall

Andre was wearing a body bag to protect himself, but was still left in pain on the floor.

Hall said: “Are you okay, buddy? Nothing broke, nothing cracked. That’s all that’s important.”

Andre replied: “I’m fine. Yeah, that was hard,” he gasped as he tried to get his breath back.

Hall added: “To be fair, that’s not far off what I can do with my hardest. So fair play.

“Where is it shaking? It isn’t just here (torso), it’s everywhere and in your head.

“If I did go all out, your ribs and everything would be sore tomorrow. You’d feel it.”

Hall checked to make sure he hadn’t hurt the Australian singer
YT: Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall

Hall and Andre filmed a whole series of content, which has been put out on both their social media channels.

The Beast said: “We’ve had a full day with Pete.

“I had him in the boxing ring today. I haven’t thrown anything at him, that’s not me. I’m not here to intimidate and bully people.

“It was nice to have Pete in the ring, move around and show him what I do on a daily basis.

“He did take a shot in the belly with a body bag on, which was good fun. It did shake him up a little bit, which was good to see. 

“It’s always nice to put a bit of energy through somebody before I let them leave.

“Pete was absolutely fantastic. I’ve been a fan of Pete since I was a kid.”

It took a little while for Andre to recover from the punch
YT: Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall

Hall can definitely throw a punch with some fierce power behind it, nearly reaching UFC star Francis Ngannou’s record on a power machine.

He will put that power to the test when he eventually faces Hafthor Bjornsson in the boxing ring, likely to be next year.

The pair were due to clash this weekend, but a bicep injury forced Hall to pull out and reschedule.