Dillian Whyte says ‘pathetic’ Francis Ngannou pleaded with UFC boss Dana White to stop their press conference from airing

Francis Ngannou is the king of the heavyweights in the UFC, but according to Dillian Whyte he ran away scared from him.

Whyte avenged his loss to Alexander Povetkin earlier this year and is back on course to be in the shake-up to challenge the winner of an undisputed heavyweight title fight between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury.

Dillian Whyte has been linked with a crossover against Francis Ngannou

However, Whyte does have a background in MMA and won kickboxing titles before switching to boxing.

Last year, Whyte and Ngannou even held a press conference ahead of a crossover fight, but the event never aired.

Talking to Sky Sports, The Body Snatcher claimed that Ngannou ‘pleaded’ with UFC president Dana White to make sure the press conference never aired.

“I’ve already beaten him outside the ring when we recorded a head-to-head last year,” he said.

The Whyte vs Ngannou virtual press conference was pulled last minute

“He’s very fragile. He calls himself ‘The Predator’ but he should be called ‘The Pacifier’ because he’s a real dummy and a cry baby.

“Afterwards he ran to his boss Dana White, pleading to get it pulled. He was terrified of actually fighting me after he had a meltdown on air. Pathetic.

“He’s calling out Fury and Joshua when they’re meant to be fighting each other. I’m free to fight so let’s have a real fight,” said Whyte.

It will be interesting to get White and Ngannou’s side of that story down the road. It’s never been explained why it was pulled other than Matchroom saying it came from Ngannou’s side.

Francis Ngannou is yet to defend his newly won UFC heavyweight title

Whyte has steadily maintained he would fight The Predator and now says he will fight him in either MMA or boxing, it doesn’t matter.

“If Ngannou wants a fight tomorrow, I’ll fight him tomorrow,” Whyte said.

“I want to make it fair. I know some other boxers want to fight an MMA guy.

“I believe I can beat him in both styles. I can beat him in MMA and in boxing. I don’t think he’s anything special, whichever they want.

Dillian Whyte believes he has the tools to beat Francis Ngannnou in any kind of fight
Mark Robinson/Matchroom

“The guy is scared, so if doing MMA makes him feel better. If we have a fight in the cage first, he might take it, but if we offer him a boxing fight, then he might say, ‘No, no, no.’

“If he wants it, he can get it.”