Details of Brock Lesnar’s brand new WWE contract – who is The Beast going to face?

Brock Lesnar is back in WWE and it looks like fans can get excited about a few match-ups.

The Beast returned from an almost 18-month layoff from WWE at SummerSlam, but how long will he be around?

Brock Lesnar targeted Roman Reigns right away

According to Fightful Select, Lesnar’s new WWE contract is believed to be for ‘roughly a year and a half,’ and it should carry Lesnar into WrestleMania 39 season.

It’s noted that Lesnar could have more matches and/or appearances if agreed with WWE. That arrangement has played out many times in the past.

During this run, there’s little doubt that Lesnar is heading for Roman Reigns first. 

The former UFC heavyweight champion has already had two extensive rivalries with Reigns heading into WrestleMania 31 and 34, but now Reigns is the Tribal Chief, the dynamic is different.

The battle of the Paul Heyman associates is sure to be a fun one and is likely to stretch beyond one matchup.

Paul Heyman has found great success with both Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar

But what about the others six or so Lesnar will have on his WWE deal?

There’s a myriad of names waiting in line for Lesnar and many of them are first-time matchups. Talents like Big E, Keith Lee, WALTER and, especially, Bobby Lashley could really benefit from working with Lesnar in order to cement themselves as true main event talents.

Lashley has been calling for a bout with Lesnar for the longest time and the two men with legit MMA backgrounds and incredible physiques does make for a mouth-watering matchup.

Given Lashley is the current WWE champion, The Almighty told talkSPORT this is the perfect time.

Lashley and Lesnar are two heavyweights with real life credentials

“Normally when he comes back it’s for a reason and it’s that big, shiny gold belt.

“Right now, I have it. If there is a chance, if there was a time he’d want to come back, it would be the perfect time. And I’m always ready. Is this the time though? We don’t know.”

Matt Riddle has been chasing Brock Lesnar since he stepped foot in WWE

Riddle is another candidate to get a spot with Lesnar and he has frequently stated he wants to be the man to retire The Beast.

talkSPORT reported details of their altercation backstage at Royal Rumble 2020 where Lesnar grabbed Riddle and told him they’d never work together.