Dana White says Jake Paul knockout ‘is coming’ and reveals the people he hates more than YouTuber

Dana White believes Jake Paul will get his comeuppance soon and admitted that he doesn’t hate the YouTuber.

The pair have clashed on social media a lot over the past few months amid Paul’s foray into the world of combat sports.

Paul and White have clashed on social media, with the YouTuber not going away any time soon

White was so confident Askren was going to knock out the YouTuber, he was willing to put $1million on the line.

Although it appears that bet was never made and Paul went on to KO the former UFC fighter earlier this month.

He has continued to annoy the MMA world by turning up to UFC 261 where he got into a confrontation with Daniel Cormier.

Paul tried to take on former two-weight world champion Daniel Cormier at UFC 261, but quickly backed down

The UFC president also cast doubts about the pay-per-view numbers that Paul claimed to have got.

The YouTuber then attacked White on social media claiming he is not paying his fighters enough, then accepted a callout from Kamaru Usman.

White said in a recent interview that he believes it won’t be long before Paul gets knocked out.

Dana White admitted he did not hate Jake Paul, but said his 15 minutes of fame was nearly up

He told FightHype.com: “I hate the dildos who pop in here and say ‘hey, pay Jake Paul’. I hate them worse than I hate Jake Paul.

“Listen, the kid is making money and makes people care. He makes people give a s***. I don’t hate the kid, I know people are very excited for the day when he gets clipped and gets knocked out.

“It is coming. His 15 minutes are nearly up, but the kid is going to make some money. Good for him.”