Dana White has spoken to Conor McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly after altercation at MTV Video Music Awards and says there was nothing in it

Conor McGregor and rapper Machine Gun Kelly had an altercation at the MTV Video Music Awards, but UFC president Dana White has played down the incident.

On the night, it was suggested the beef started when McGregor asked MGK for a picture, but the rapper refused.

McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly clashed at the VMA’s where the UFC star was held back

UFC star McGregor was then seen hurling a drink at the American before the situation was eventually calmed down.

White knows both of them, with Kelly and girlfriend Megan Fox in attendance for McGregor’s loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 in July.

The boss explained it was simply a misunderstanding.

“I talked to both, actually,” he said speaking at his Contender Series.

“They’re all good now. [It was] a misunderstanding, or whatever it was.”

The Irishman has a history of erratic behaviour outside the cage, but White is not concerned.

“Guys, this is the fight business,” he added. “I got 700 lunatics under contract here. What do you guys think – these are the things that happen sometimes.

“This isn’t Microsoft. We’re in a crazy f***ing business here.

White and McGregor have a very up and down relationship

“I think we all know Conor’s personality, and we’ve got some guys that were like that. These guys are fighters, and this is the fight business. Crazy s*** happens in the fight business.

“There’s all the s*** that you guys know about because it happens in public.

“Nevermind the s*** you don’t know about that happens every day.”

McGregor reportedly wanted a picture with MGK, but was turned down

McGregor moved to deny the incident during an interview later on in the night, but still threw a subtle dig Kelly’s way.

“Nothing happened with me, I only fight real fighters. People that actually fight,” he said.

“I certainly don’t fight little Vanilla Ice white rappers. I don’t even know the guy.

“I don’t know anything about him, except that he’s with Megan Fox.”

Fox stepped in to break up the altercation between her boyfriend and McGregor