‘Conor McGregor used to be sharper’ – Dustin Poirier’s coach says Notorious has lost his edge in the octagon and with trash-talk

Conor McGregor, as usual, made plenty of headline before and after his fight with Dustin Poirier.

The Irishman’s slick tongue has been the driving force behind much of his superstardom and when you combine that with a genuine, stunning knockout power, a legend was born.

McGregor suffered his second consecutive defeat to Poirier at UFC 264

However, during UFC 264 fight week with Dustin Poirier, McGregor went too far in the eyes of many by bringing Poirier’s family into it and even saying he was going to kill The Diamond in the octagon.

Of course, we all know how it ended.

Poirier’s coach, Mike Brown, believes The Notorious has lost his way inside the octagon and in the way he promotes his fights.

“I’m not exactly certain what it is, but yeah, he did seem much sharper with his tongue in the past,” Brown told MMA Fighting. 

“Maybe he’s in a tough spot? I don’t know what it is, but it also appears he has no lines anymore. He used to have some lines, some ethical and moral lines, but those seem to have gone away.

McGregor aimed a kick at his rival at the end of a heated press conference, which is kind of crazy now that this is the exact kick that broke his leg in the fight

“Yeah he doesn’t seem to be quite the same fighter both in the ring, and with him promotion-wise too. Not sure what it is, but something seems different.”

McGregor has said he wants to face Poirier for a fourth time and UFC president Dana White suggested he’d be willing to make that fight.

First of all, McGregor has to recover from a broken leg but even when he is fit and healthy again, probably next summer, Brown thinks Poirier wins again.

“On the scorecards, two judges had it 10-8,” the former WEC champion stated. “This was from Dustin being on top dropping those elbows and showing his dominance, imposing his will. That’s what that was all about.

Mike Brown believes Dustin Poirier would beat Conor McGregor again

“If you look at the history of both of these guys, one of them gets stronger as the fight goes and one of them doesn’t.

“Conor was going to be most dangerous in the first, and I felt like as the fight went, it was only going to get easier.

“[McGregor has] changed the game, done so much for the sport. He’s the biggest star the sport has ever seen. He brings a lot of eyeballs.

“He’s done a lot of great things but I think skill wise, we’ve got the superior fighter with Dustin.”