Conor McGregor raked in £3.61 million for UFC 264 loss – five times more than Dustin Poirier

Conor McGregor left UFC 264 with a broken leg, but he also left it much, much richer.

The event itself is reported to have generated just under 1.8 million pay-per-view buys and it generated $15,759,800 (£11,347,923) in ticket sales, according to the UFC, placing it second on Nevada’s all-time list and third in total event revenue for the promotion.

McGregor earned a staggering amount of money last year, despite only fighting once and 2021 seems to be on the same track

The numbers never lie and McGregor remains the biggest draw the sport has ever seen by a country mile. As you can imagine, he is paid as such.

According to The Sport’s Daily, McGregor banked a flat £3.61 million from his third fight with Dustin Poirier and that’s before we consider what he would have made as a result of the pay-per-view selling so well.

Conversely, Poirier, who defeated McGregor lest we forget, took home £736,000. Thus, McGregor made five times the amount of his foe in this contest.

Given that McGregor just lasted one round with Poirier after breaking his leg in the final stages of the first, the Irishman made £12,033 a second in this fight.

The war is far from over in Conor McGregor’s eyes

Pretty crazy that Poirier couldn’t earn more when you think about it. Of course, over $1 million is a career payday and one precious few get, but after winning the bout at UFC 257, one might have thought the gap would have been a little closer in pay.

Two judges had Poirier winning the first round 10-8 while another had The Diamond winning it 10-9.

It was fair that Poirier won the round, but no way was it a 10-8. McGregor offered a lot in the early stages and it was only an ill-advised guillotine attempt by the cage that led to a difficult second-half of the round. And still, McGregor was still active with elbows and kicks from his back.

The teep kick McGregor threw at the end of the round is what broke his leg. As he shouted “it’s not over” from the canvas with his leg snapped in addition to “that’s a doctor stoppage” when the decision was announced as a TKO, it seemed all but certain this fight will happen again.

John Kavanagh claims McGregor fractured his ankle by throwing a teep kick

This event was the UFC’s second-most bought event ever. It’s in UFC’s interest to look at doing it again where possible.

Poirier will now move on to face UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliviera while McGregor heals and it could be that the Irishman walks back into a title match when he is back in business.