Cinta de Oro decided to leave WWE after Paul Heyman told him ‘Sin Cara is dead’

In 2019 after a decade with WWE, Cinta de Oro, aka Sin Cara, requested his release.

The famous luchador had been pushed hard during spells of his WWE career and cast aside in others.

Sin Cara had a decade run in WWE

He departed with a sole NXT Tag Team title to his name alongside Kalisto and now 43, de Oro is still hungry to achieve his dreams in wrestling.

Speaking to talkSPORT, de Oro explained how it was some blunt words from Paul Heyman that made him realise his time in WWE was over.

“I had been talking to a lot of people a couple of years behind. I didn’t take my decision one day after the other, it was a process throughout the last few years where I was already thinking about it,” de Oro explained.

“Is it the right decision? Do I stay here, do I leave? Am I going to get the opportunities I really want here if I stay? 

Heyman laid down the challenge
Paul Heyman has gone on to wear many different hats in WWE

“I spoke with a lot of people. The last thing that really hurt me was when I spoke with Paul Heyman and he said ‘Sin Cara is dead’ – he told me straight up like that. 

“It really hurt me because I was like ‘Man, that’s what you really think of me and what I do?’ We talked a little more and I said maybe we could do something with the character. Maybe a Spiderman deal where I lead a normal life as this person and then when I put on the mask I’m this performer. ‘No, no, no, that doesn’t work.’ 

“What about if I have my mask open here [points to his mouth] so they can hear me talk and I can do more facials? ‘No, then you’re not Sin Cara anymore because they can see your mouth.’ It was just a lot of excuses.”

Sin Cara’s final match in WWE would be with Drew McIntyre and it’s a good job the luchador owed the Brit a favour. 

Drew McIntyre went on to become the first-ever British world champion in WWE

“But, when he told me that, I knew that I was done. That day I had a match with Drew McIntyre in Manchester where he was going to squash me and I did it because it was him. If it was anybody else I wouldn’t have done it. 

“But I knew because he had helped me before and done the job for me when he first left so I had to return the favour. That was it.”

Once he publicly requested his release, it took WWE a month to grant him his wish.

“It was just sad after that. After the match, I didn’t speak to anybody. Took a shower, got dressed and then went to the bus to continue the tour and that was the night I started writing my statement to get released. 

Sin Cara was a popular star in WWE in his prime

“I started writing and praying it was the right decision to make. I posted it on November 11, 2019 in the middle of a European tour, I was in Vienna, Austria! It was tough, it was a sad day for me. 

“Realising I was never going to get that opportunity to succeed in that company. And when I got the call a month later for my release, it was the first time they never lied to me. 

“‘You know what, you will never get the opportunity that you want here.’ They told me straight up like that. That was Mark Carrano. And I understand his place was in the middle, I never took it personal with him. He treated me very cool to this day. 

“Knowing I would never get the opportunity I want there, I then knew I made the right decision for me, my kids and my family. And things started opening up right away; calls from London for Comican, tours in Japan, Mexico and then the pandemic hit. That was the toughest thing. 

Sin Cara spent a decade in WWE

“But I’ve been happier during this time of my life than many years before which is pretty sad to say because I was working for the best wrestling company in the world. 

“But, everything has a purpose, god has different plans and I’m just rolling with the punches continuing to be happy. If you’re happy, that’s the main thing. Everything else will fall into place.”