Carlito recalls backstage confrontation in WWE with Shawn Michaels: ‘he told me to my face that he didn’t like me’

For better or worse, Shawn Michaels has never been afraid to say what he thinks.

When it comes to former WWE star Carlito, Michaels told him exactly what he thought during his first run with the company.

Shawn Michaels told Carlito exactly what he thought of him

Carlito is from the famous wrestling family the Colons. His father is Carlos Colon, a true legend in Puerto Rico.

Carlito’s brother Primo and cousin Epico both made it to WWE, but Carlito was the man many viewed as the one with true superstar potential that could take him right to the top.

Down the years, it’s been suggested by many that Carlito didn’t have the desire and determination needed to succeed in WWE.

That’s an accusation that has been levied against him on and off through the years and Michaels was one of the first to say it to his face.

“I respected Shawn Michaels because he was one of the only ones that told me to my face that he didn’t like me,” Carlito said to James Romero of Wrestling Shoot Interviews. 

Shawn Michaels was trying to help Carlito

“I can respect that. We had a talk, he told me whatever, and I can totally respect that. I don’t pretend to be everybody’s cup of tea. I like it that instead of telling me behind my back, he told me right to my face. After that I had a lot of respect for Shawn Michaels.

“I forgot what it was. Same story as everybody else. [Shawn Michaels thought] I was too nonchalant or I didn’t care enough or whatever. I was too… [He thought] I had my mind on other things than wrestling. Stuff like that. I was like, ‘Alright.’”


Ric Flair lit Carlito up during a promo[/caption]

Michaels was very difficult to work with in the 90s as he battled various addictions, but after becoming a born again Christian, he led his life very differently and was a more positive force in WWE from his 2002 return onwards.

Ric Flair also famously dressed Carlito down on camera and the Nature Boy told talkSPORT much of that promo came from the heart, but also as a result of Vince McMahon grilling him moments prior.

Carlito left WWE in 2010 with a lot of his potential going untapped, but he did return at the 2021 Royal Rumble this year and looks in sensational shape. Unfortunately, it did not lead to a full-time return.

Carlito hulked up during his time away from WWE