Campbell Hatton RESULT: Ricky Hatton’s son wins third fight as his nervous father watches on

Campbell Hatton beat Jakub Laskowski on points to move to 3-0 as a pro boxer on Saturday night at Fight Camp.

Ricky Hatton watched on nervously and applauded happily at the finish as his son picked up another win.

Hatton was well in control against the Polish journeyman
Mark Robinson/Matchroom

The fight began with Hatton ripping into his opponent’s body, showing little concern for his own defence.

A counter right hook from Laskowski swiftly changed this though.

Hatton dominated the rest of the opener, outclassing his opponent.

There was less of the erratic swinging seen in his debut and more composed boxing from the 20-year-old.

Hatton is now 3-0 as a pro
Mark Robinson/Matchroom
Ricky was in attendance to support his son
Mark Robinson/Matchroom

Laskowski was broken down further in round two.

Hatton used his jab well to set up a variety of power shots to both head and body.

More of this followed in the third with Hatton clearly on top, but Laskowski holding firm as they entered the final round.

Hatton remained relaxed and saw out the four-round win.

The referee scored the contest 40-36, giving him every round.