Bobby Lashley says Vince McMahon ‘loves’ his WWE title reign and hopes to reform Hurt Business at some point

Bobby Lashley is enjoying his time at the top of WWE after 16 year odyssey to world champion status.

The Almighty has every right to stop and smell the roses, but he won’t. Lashley departed WWE in 2008 after seemingly destined for greatness and it took him 10 years to return.

Bobby Lashley is making the most of his time as WWE champion

Now that he’s finally at the summit, Lashley says even if he did every have doubts it would happen, he never allowed that to show and he stayed consistent.

“It feels great,” Lashley started, talking exclusively to talkSPORT. “[If I had a lack of] confidence, I never gave it away. I never let it get in my head that it was never going to happen.

“Because if I did you’d be able to tell looking at me. But I trained hard, went away came back and it’s all about being there. The timing and being in position. If you stay consistent, the doors are going to open.

“That’s all it was, it was a matter of time. When I first came in, people said ‘damn, that guy could definitely be the champion. And I had to prove it. I had to reach the level to walk through the doors that others had opened. Now I’m opening doors and it feels great.”

Donald Trump chose to be represented by Bobby Lashley against Vince McMahon and the WWE boss chose Umaga back in 2007

Only 52 men have ever won the WWE title and to earn that honour, it requires a lot of faith from WWE chairman, Vince McMahon.

So what has the boss made of Lashley’s reign thus far?

“He loves it. It’s one of those things where yes, you do want that feedback from Vince and everyone else, but you can’t take away from the feeling that you have,” Lashley explained.

“When you go back through that curtain, you have that feeling of ‘yes!’ that’s the best feeling in the world. No one can take that away from you.

Bobby Lashley (left) sits atop of WWE right now

“You got out there and you feel it and no one can take that away. I’ve had that feeling this entire time! I’m that guy you want to love or want to hate, whatever it is, I’m that guy.

“And there’s a lot of great matchups that I want to face and defend that title against and if we make it past Hell in a Cell, that’s our plan.”

One of the driving factors behind Lashley’s rise to the top was the faction he headed up with MVP, The Hurt Business.

Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander were the other two members of the stable, but they were chucked out of the group not long after Lashley became WWE champion.

The Hurt Business dominated RAW at one point

While they’re not together right now, Lashley retains hope they will reform down the road.

“It was good. It was so good,” Lashley said through a smile.

“Sometimes, the crowd can feel what you’re feeling. We felt it, they felt it, everyone felt good about it. We weren’t bad guys or good guys, we were guys that had an energy and direction. We had a goal. It came off so good.

The Hurt Business at their peak

“But you know how it is in this business, things come and go and things come back. Hopefully at some point in time it’s something we say let’s see if there’s something with Cedric and Shelton again… I don’t know.

“Everyone is doing something right now. They paired off and had a feud with each other, so I don’t know what that looks like moving forward but it’s always something we could use at some point in time and I think everyone would be ready for it if it did happen again. All we have is hope!

Check out WWE Hell in a Cell this Sunday, June 20, on the WWE Netowrk or BT Sport starting at 1am