Becky Lynch reacts to claims she’s returned to WWE as a heel: ‘I’m the bad guy because I came back even better than ever?’

Becky Lynch’s return to WWE has been a huge injection for the company, but she doesn’t want to hear you calling her a heel.

The Man returned at SummerSlam as a last-second replacement for Sasha Banks and took the SmackDown Women’s title from Bianca Belair in 26 seconds.

Becky Lynch picked up where she left off with a world title

Lynch was able to secure a quick victory after offering Belair a handshake and suckering the champion into taking the Man-handle Slam for the victory.

Speaking to NY Daily News, Lynch said she hasn’t changed – she’s just smarter now.

“I’ve just come back and now I feel like suddenly there’s this conversation that I’m not doing things the right way, but I don’t know what anybody expects me to do,” said Lynch.

“Do you want me to come back and toy with Bianca and give her more of a chance to look like she’s got an opportunity? Or would I come back, knowing that I haven’t done this in a while, and be smart about it and blindside her? I just did what an intelligent person would do. 

Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair will be the feud that dominates SmackDown

“If you haven’t been wrestling in a long time, then you’ve been strategizing. You’ve been strategizing because you haven’t been in the ring with this person, so then you are going to do something different. You are going to catch them off guard. 

“And now suddenly I’m the bad guy because I came back even better than ever? I don’t really understand this talk about me being a heel. I haven’t changed. I just got smarter.”

Belair won a number one contenders match on the SmackDown after SummerSlam and is heading for a date with Lynch at Extreme Rules on September 26.

Could Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks lock up again soon?

It’s been speculated that Banks will return in the coming weeks and The Boss could well force her way into the title picture once again, too.

Lynch only returned at SummerSlam after 15 months away from the company to give birth to her and Seth Rollins’ first child, Roux.

It seems as though UK fans are going to get a taste of what Lynch and Belair is going to look like when they watch the pair battle it out on the UK tour which starts next weekend in Newcastle and runs three more dates through London, Cardiff and Glasgow.