Arsenal legend Ray Parlour was dropped by Arsene Wenger after boozy session with Frank Lampard resulted in eight stitches after headbutting a bar

Ray Parlour admitted he was dropped by Arsene Wenger for two Arsenal games after headbutting a bar following a heavy drinking session with Frank Lampard.

The Gunners legend was renowned for his energy and desire in midfield, but he has since enhanced his reputation as one of the most deadly marksman in the world when it comes to downing pints.

Ray Parlour out on the town during his playing days (that blazer is worth a booking surely?)

Back in his playing days, Parlour managed to maintain a stellar career with a burgeoning social life, until one particular incident left him requiring eight stitches in his face.

After a particularly heavy session with Chelsea legend Lampard, the central midfielder found himself face down on the floor of West End nightclub Café de Paris.

And Wenger was not best pleased with the ‘Romford Pele’, despite his best attempts to cover it up.

“I’m just thinking about a story when I was in Café de Paris,” Parlour said on Breakfast. “It’s a great little club.

Lampard also decided to take part in the Café de Paris drinking session

“And I was in there with Frank Lampard and his mate and I was in there with my mate, Chris McCarthy.

“And this kid, he was about Frank’s age, bit younger than me and he went, ‘Ray I’ve heard you can drink, let’s have a drinking competition!’

“So now, we are knocking them back and I was getting a bit whoa and I remember having a few more and all of a sudden, his mate had passed out on the bar and Frank was patting his head because he was sweating and all sorts.

“They shot off and I was thinking, ‘Young kids try and have you over.’ As I tried to get off the stool, I got my foot stuck in the wire and I’ve headbutted the bar.

The famous West End nightclub failed to survive during the COVID-19 pandemic, although it did give Parlour eight stitches
Lampard and Parlour battle for the ball during the 2002 FA Cup final at Cardiff

“I cut all my head open and I had eight stitches and the manager came and told me to get out the back door because I was still playing for Arsenal.

“So I went home with my eye stitched up and I remember going to training to Arsene Wenger looked at me and he went, ‘Ray, why are you putting make up on for?’ I had a black eye!

“So I said, ‘Boss I hit my eye when I opened the door.’ I couldn’t say I head-butted a bar.

“But he found out about it and he dropped me for two games. He didn’t fine me, but he dropped me for two games.”