Anthony Joshua claims Tyson Fury ‘wants to have a six-pack’ and says ‘I am everything he wants to be’ as champion responds to mind games

Anthony Joshua has given an interesting response to what he describes as Tyson Fury’s ‘psychological warfare’.

The ‘Gypsy King’ is renowned his mind games before big fights and famously employed such tactics on Wladimir Klitschko and Deontay Wilder.

Joshua is always in great shape
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Now, he is edging ever closer to finalising a fight with AJ and has already started talking in the media.

One particular quote which raised eyebrows came when Fury said he is ‘drinking 12 pints a day’ while preparing for the contest.

Joshua responded on Troy Deeney’s podcast Deeney Talks: “It’s just psychological warfare, I’ve learnt a lot with that.

“The man will talk about drinking pints and he’s not interested, but yet he wants to look chiselled, he’s training the hardest he’s ever trained, he’s the skinniest he’s ever been.

“He wants to have a good body, he wants to be well prepared.

Fury looked slim in a recent Instagram post
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“But AJ has a good body, chiselled and trains, and he’s a body builder. Tyson Fury would do the exact same thing if he could.

“It’s all psychological warfare. What they call me is what they wanna be.

“He wants to have a six-pack, that’s why he’s training as hard as he’s training right now, why he looks so chiselled, why he’s in America training.

“It’s just psychological warfare to make me not wanna believe in myself.

“However I understand what this is all about and everything he says, I am everything he wants to be.

Fury has previously boasted about being out of shape and branded AJ a ‘bodybuilder’
Tyson Fury – Instagram

“The reason why he’s saying he’s drinking 12 pints is because he knows he could never do that to fight me, he knows what type of fighter I am.

“If I told you, ‘I’m drinking 12 pints, I ain’t worried about them,’ you know I’m running 12 miles more than I’ve already run before, you know I’m not drinking 12 pints.

“You know that’s how serious this challenge is, you wanna make it seem so small, that’s how big you know this challenge is gonna be.

“He knows. I don’t need to talk about Tyson Fury, I don’t need to belittle the man.

“But you’re talking to me, I know I’m the man of this division and I will be for a long time.”