AEW champion Kenny Omega makes history as he wins IMPACT title at Rebellion

Kenny Omega made history last night at IMPACT Rebellion when he defeated Rich Swann to become the IMPACT World champion.

Omega was already the AEW World champion and the AAA Mega champion. To hold the championships in a major American and Mexican promotion was one thing, but to hold both world titles of the two biggest companies not named WWE in America is a historic deal.

Kenny Omega holds all the gold now

The self-proclaimed ‘belt collector’ sealed the deal with a One Winged Angel ending Swann’s impressive reign at 184 days.

Don Callis is Omega’s on-screen manager and he works behind the scenes in IMPACT in real-life.

One has to imagine having Omega as their champion benefits IMPACT and the title will be paraded on AEW TV, a show that has raked in over a million viewers for the past two weeks.

Whomever Omega eventually drops the title to will be a big deal, so the idea is everyone wins. But how far can Omega take the belt collector gimmick?

Kenny Omega as the belt collector has injected new life into wrestling

Omega spoke to talkSPORT about the potential to take it to Japan, saying: “I don’t want to say that these things are not going to happen or will happen. 

“But, I will say one of the major obstacles and hurdles is that all companies involved have travel schedules and the major, major hurdle on the one side, if things were to happen over in Japan, is the mandatory two-week quarantine where you can’t do anything.”

Swann also spoke to talkSPORT prior to this encounter and suggested that just by working with Omega, it has lit a fire in him that nothing else had.

“It’s something that isn’t common in the professional wrestling industry. You got two world champions from two different on two different television stations in the same ring on pay-per-view. It just doesn’t happen.

Rich Swann won the IMPACT title at Bound for Glory in 2020

“You’d probably see something like that back in the territory days, but it wasn’t the big spectacle that wrestling is today.

“To have the opportunity to be in the mix of all of that is just mind-boggling. It lit that fire inside of me and it helped me step my game up to get in there with somebody like Kenny Omega who has all the accolades.”

Omega certainly has all the accolades and more these days as the world champion of three major North American promotions. The question is, how far can the AEW executive vice president take this run?