Mauricio Pochettino vexed by suggestion that PSG has no identity: “A lack of respect.”

Speaking in an interview with L’Équipe, PSG manager Mauricio Pochettino was asked why the club does not appear to have a playing identity.

“I say this with a lot of respect, but this question translates into a certain lack of respect. It is as if saying that you have no style in your writing. Of course you have one, you are professional and that is why you are sat here. Every manager, at the highest level and down to amateur, has a style. When you work to become a manager, you develop your style: your tastes, your management, your methods with you staff. We are a staff who have a defined style, a philosophy, ideas. Aside from that, the question is to know how and at what moment you can put on show what truly corresponds with you. And that, that depends on the demands of the club, like we were talking about earlier on. If you look at what I have done at Espanyol, Southampton or Tottenham, you will see the style of play that we like. If you watch a match from our first and one from our third season at Tottenham, it is not the same thing. Because there was a strategy to get to this point.”