Didier Deschamps on accusations of giving in to racists by Karim Benzema: “It was a very violent time.”

Speaking in an interview with TF1, France boss Didier Deschamps was asked about recalling Karim Benzema for EURO 2020 in the context that he had previously been accused by the Real Madrid striker of giving in to racist thinking in an interview with MARCA several years ago, as well as having his house graffitied with the word “racist.”

“You want me to talk about unpleasant things… There is a word, “racist.” Since that day, I am no longer the same. I do not see things in the same way, I have disconnected myself from everything. It was a very violent time. Things have changed. For my side, but also from Karim’s side, quite obviously.” 

He also spoke on the conversations that he had with the Los Blancos striker leading up to his decision to recall him for this summer’s tournament:

“I will not be speaking about our discussion. But it was very, very long: there were a lot of exchanges.”