Adil Aouchiche: “I have zero regrets about having left PSG.”

Speaking in an interview with Le Parisien, St Étienne’s 18-year-old attacking midfielder Adil Aouchiche was asked if he had any regrets about leaving PSG last summer.

“I have zero regrets about having left PSG. I have played a lot for my age. I am improving a lot here in the areas that I needed to improve. I am in a club where, contrary to PSG, we do not go through matches in an armchair. Here, it is a bit harder, each ball is important, learning to deal with tough contact, toughen up… I am not saying that was not the case at PSG, but at St Étienne, you have to gain these things quickly to play. PSG are a possession team, they can mess up three or four chances in a row. Here, each ball is valuable, it can win us the match or force us into doing the rounds if we lose it. These are very positive points in my growth.”